Onigiri Gratitude Gala Opening!

Obtain your favorite partner!

To thank all of the Onis that have came to the world of Onigiri, we will be holding the “Onigiri Gratitude Gala” for everyone to enjoy!

In Onigashima, a portal has been added so you can access the “Gratitude Gala Grounds!”

Gratitude Gala Grounds!
Various festivities will be held in the Gratitude Gala Grounds!

Obtain your favorite partner!
By clearing the dungeon “Kishiden Gratitude Gala” in the Gratitude Gala Grounds you can collect Gratitude Badges!

After collecting enough Gratitude Badges, it is possible to exchange them for a “Gratitude Character Exchange Ticket” with Kiichihougen in the Gratitude Gala Grounds.

This exchange ticket can be used in Mei’s exchange shop for a Vanguard Character, Divine Possession Character, Mount Character, or Assist Character scroll of your choice.

*Please take note that some characters that were part of special promotional events are exempt from this list.

You can obtain Gratitude Badges through daily achievements and also through the event exchange shop!

If you exchange 2 Gratitude Badges, you will have the chance to choose a partner scroll!

Please select the partner that you like the most!

■Exchange Period
12/18 - 3/12

Furthermore, it is possible to exchange the dropped items in the Kishinden’s exchange shop for rare items.

Please join the party at the Gratitude Gala Grounds!

We are also currently in the midst of preparing a new dungeon for you all. Stay tuned for our future announcements!

Exchangeable Character List
The character introduction page can be found here:

Introducing the Gratitude Nyankoropon!

Gratitude Nyankoropon!
We'll also be introducing a Gratitude Nyankoropon to the Shopping Plaza! One spin of the Gratitude Nyankoropon costs just 20 OC and five spins is 80 OC! It's a special “thank you” value price for all our customers!

*You cannot use free OC to spin this Nyankoropon. Only OC purchased from our website can be used.

Furthermore, we are introducing a gacha called the “Thankspon” that you can spin with a “Thank You Ticket”.

You can only obtain a Thank You Ticket from this event!

The Thankspon is part of this special event and will only be available for a short period of time, so we encourage you to take part in spinning it~

■Gratitude Nyankoropon Duration
12/18 ~ 1/15

■Thankspon Duration
12/18 ~ 1/22
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