Spend Christmas with Lil’ Musashi

A pink bud is waiting to sprout! Miyamoto Musashi

Lil’ Musashi Lil’ Musashi Lil’ Musashi Lil’ Musashi
▼“Lil’ Musashi” Voice
CV : Ohmori Nichika
  • 01: Miyamoto Musashi, coming through!
  • 02: Yamato-san, you also love to train?! Hehe, just like me.
  • 03: Dance of Heaven!
Illust:Ketsuki Yuchi
The swordsman who has walked this earth with Yamato no Kuni no Kunimune a sword known to be called the weapon of gods and demons.

...Is now a kid? With her Yamato no Kuni no Kunimune in hand, this young one seems to have lost part of her memory.

Even as a young girl Musashi has always loved playing with swords, however at this age her dad would still not let her hold a real blade, so she would always be running around with a wooden sword. She would spend her free time training and thanks to that she would always be ahead of the class. She would even take on adults, however she would sometimes end up regretting it and cry herself to sleep.

Even at this age she can be found oversleeping, sometimes she gets teary over having overslept. She also loves to draw, however she is trying to improve. Even her drawings of people still look like little caterpillars.

Only Yamato no Kuni no Kunimune knows what is it in Musashi that makes her pure and ambitious on her journeys to become the strongest.
Lil’ Musashi and the Holy Night
Musashi is a little girl now?!
You can obtain your own, “Summoner’s Scroll - Lil’ Musashi” in the “Lil’ Musashi & the Holy Night” event.

Miyamoto Musashi Voice Change

From 12/18, after maintenance, the vanguard partners “Miyamoto Musashi” and “Miyamoto Musashi (Dark)” will have their character voice changed.

Miyamoto Musashi
▼“Miyamoto Musashi” Voice
CV : Imamura Ayaka
  • 01: I am Miyamoto Musashi. En garde!
  • 02: Yamato-san and I have battle against many schools of swordsmen from many different countries - and we never once lost.
  • 03: Heavenly Flash of Retribution!
Miyamoto Musashi (Dark)
▼“Miyamoto Musashi (Dark)” Voice
CV : Imamura Ayaka
  • 01: Hold up, let me give you something to really enjoy.
  • 02: The feel of slicing through flesh…
  • 03: Heavenly Flash of Retribution!
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