Lady Shizuka & Miroku, At Your Service!

The Princess of Hospitality

Lady Shizuka Maid
▼“Maid Shizuka” Voice
CV : Kimura Mari
  • 01: I may not be as strong as Yoshitsune-chan, but I’ll help you! Let’s do our best!
  • 02: You won’t be complaining under my watch, let me show you what I got!
  • 03: Leave it to me Master… How was that?
Illust: Yoshida Hideyuki
The Princess of the Shogunate, Shizuka was raised in a very strict environment and eventually fled her home for adventure. She found her way to Onigashima and hit it off with our main protagonist.

She is generally very polite but can be quite stubborn and selfish at times, which can become quite obvious when she is around her childhood friend, Yoshitsune. However after leaving home and experiencing all the world has to offer she has developed some thick skin.

She is very good at dancing and can be seen performing at various festivals. She has successfully conjured rain before, and Yoshitsune can be heard boasting about it. She possesses a power known as the “Mind’s Eye” and is able to see things people normally cannot see. Only a select few back in the Edo Castle know of this power.

This time she is adorning a beautiful maid outfit thought up by Kaguya. Despite Yoshitsune’s worries, Shizuka is enjoying the maid outfit to its fullest.

The Hospitable Merchant, Miroku

Miroku Butler
▼“Butler Miroku” Voice
CV : Kuwahara Motoshi
  • 01: Woah woah! Are you sure you want me to serve ya? If people make fun of you, don’t say I didn’t warn you! ... Just pulling your leg!
  • 02: Merchant Miroku reporting for duty! ...Hmm that doesn’t sound as cool as I thought.
  • 03: Right away my Master, please enjoy your rest.
Illust: Yoshida Hideyuki
A merchant by trade, Miroku can chat up a storm with his carefree attitude and travels the lands of Japan selling his wares. Bestowed with the gift of the gab, he seems to have at least one buddy everywhere he goes.

Despite his 'time is money' attitude he acts as the older brother to the group by acting as a peacekeeper and taking charge of conversation. Miroku takes care of his good friend Momotarou, who is quite the big eater, which leaves his wallet empty at times. Nevertheless he seems to enjoy taking good care of his pals.

He is quite crafty and has a way with words but somehow his words evoke of self-derision. Yoshitsune had him background checked several times when entering the shogunate, and could not trace any of his family history past his immediate family. Yet he has access to books and imported goods, and has become the favorite of Lady Shizuka and her mother, Masako.

He is wearing the outfit that Kaguya designed. He likes the outfit however his inner merchant can’t help but be bothered by just how much the outfit depreciates if he were to get it dirty.

Dressed to please in their Maid and Butler outfit, these two are here to serve you! Lady Shizuka and Miroku make their debut as vanguard characters! You can also have them tag along in their regular attire through the use of the “Outfit Change - Regular Outfit” scroll.

On top of that Yoshitsune, Ibaraki Douji, Momotarou, Kaguya, Susanoo, and Amaterasu make a splash with their own new outfits.


The scroll for their outfit change will be available in the Yorozu Exchange. Don’t forget to snatch one and experience the luxury of having your own personal maid and butler.
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