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3/27 Update Contents - Idol Outfits and Events

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3/27 Update Contents - Idol Outfits and Events

Postby Takoyaki » 27 Mar 2018, 18:24

Greetings from the Onigiri Management Team,

Today's update contents are as follows:

Update Contents

In this update we are releasing the Idol Outfit changes for the following partners of the Shining Sakura Unit: Ono no Komachi, Izuna, Amanojaku, and Satan!


The idol outfit change for Amanojaku introduces newly recorded voice lines!

You can obtain these outfits from the Yorozu Exchange in Onigashima! They will be available until 4/23 and then they will be unobtainable, so please get them before then!

You can read more about them on our special Shining Sakura website!


Like before, the newly introduced outfits will introduce special skills! The outfit change for Satan will not introduce any new skills and will change appearance only.

Ono no Komachi Idol Skills
- Sakura Dance
- Sakura Dance of War

Izuna Idol Skills
- Fried-tofu Waltz
- Fried-tofu Dance-off
- Daring Dance of War
- Ougi: Dance of the Bewitching Fox

Amanojaku Idol Skills
- Daring Dance of War
- Demonic Dance-off
- Demonic Dance of War
- Dance of Clashing Heavens

New Event Dungeon

We will be introducing the new event dungeon Crazy Capitol - Ono no Komachi in this update as well!

After clearing the idol event quest, you can talk to the NPC Ono no Komachi to access this dungeon in Kumaso!

Event Dungeon Conditions
- After entering this dungeon, Ono no Komachi will be summoned automatically.
- You have the chance of receiving more clear rewards in this dungeon than in the regular dungeon.
- You can challenge this dungeon 3 times per day.
- In this dungeon, Ono no Komachi will have higher attack power and defense, and the Vanguard Gauge will fill faster than usual.
- Skills and status effects will be at their maximum.
- Vangaurd Swap period will last for 3 mins.

*You can use this dungeon to count for achievements in addition to the regular one.

Event Dungeon Deadline
Available until 4/16

Drop Rate Increase

We have increased the drop rate of the following materials in Crazy Capitol:

- Daruma Heart
- Lantern of Eternity
- Preserved Femur
- Highest Grade of Youkai Meat
- Dragon’s Bell

If you have Ono no Komachi and/or Sakata Kintoki - Idol currently unlocked, the clear reward will be increased.

We have also increased the drop rate for the Mild Cacao and High Quality Cacao.



- Through the completion of the event you can obtain your very own Sakata Kintoki Idol Version Partner until 4/16!


- We have an amazing new OC campaign. For all the details please read this post.

Patched Issues

- We have fixed the torn gacha ticket issue with the Yorozu Exchange.

We thank you for your continued support,

-- The Onigiri Team
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