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7/12 Update Contents

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2016, 01:13
by Takoyaki

We hope you have been enjoying the Summer Update from last week.

Game Rebalance Present

To compensate for last week's gameplay balance (viewable through the above link), we are giving out a special present to all users:


*Please note that you can only accept this gift on one character per account and will expire 8/11/16:

- 1x Status Reset
- 3x Full Energy Restorative
- 1x Platinum Premium Boost Ticket (7 Days)

The Platinum Premium Boost Ticket grants the following for 7 days: EXP/Ryou gain +30%, 20 extra inventory slots, restore item usage speed +30%, 1 extra Dungeon Continue.

Be sure to check your present box (Menu > System > Present) to receive these items. We hope you put them to good use!


- Ivys has left the normal Nyankoropon, but her dungeons are still available to challenge in Onigashima.
- Red Moon Lunastasia has left the normal Nyankoropon. - The materials from the Grove of Despair are now only receivable from drops, instead of dungeon clear reward.
- The double win rate for Asura in the Nyankoropon has been removed (he now has a regular win rate).

We thank you for your continued support.

-- The Onigiri Management Team