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[GRINDING] To level 50

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[GRINDING] To level 50

Postby Gin Fenrir » 27 Aug 2014, 08:45

In need of someone to help me grind to level 50 or carry me to Echigo. I'm currently level 38 and grinding at Kyoto but outside Shinoda Forest, there is very little people who can carry through its hell mode. So I'm desperately in need of someone who can do that. I will be offering OCs on help. Either drop me a pm here or in game. Thanks~!

IGN: Gin Fenrir
Gin Fenrir
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Re: [GRINDING] To level 50

Postby DZv1 » 27 Aug 2014, 16:30

I could carry you to Echigo
pm me or add me IGN: DZv1
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