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7/12 Update Contents

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7/12 Update Contents

Postby Takoyaki » 13 Jul 2016, 01:13


We hope you have been enjoying the Summer Update from last week.

Game Rebalance Present

To compensate for last week's gameplay balance (viewable through the above link), we are giving out a special present to all users:


*Please note that you can only accept this gift on one character per account and will expire 8/11/16:

- 1x Status Reset
- 3x Full Energy Restorative
- 1x Platinum Premium Boost Ticket (7 Days)

The Platinum Premium Boost Ticket grants the following for 7 days: EXP/Ryou gain +30%, 20 extra inventory slots, restore item usage speed +30%, 1 extra Dungeon Continue.

Be sure to check your present box (Menu > System > Present) to receive these items. We hope you put them to good use!


- Ivys has left the normal Nyankoropon, but her dungeons are still available to challenge in Onigashima.
- Red Moon Lunastasia has left the normal Nyankoropon. - The materials from the Grove of Despair are now only receivable from drops, instead of dungeon clear reward.
- The double win rate for Asura in the Nyankoropon has been removed (he now has a regular win rate).

We thank you for your continued support.

-- The Onigiri Management Team
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