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  1. Battle Controls

Battle Controls

Character Creation

Pick up Items
Target Disengage
Jump Use Items (Liquors) Lock-on Targeting Skill - Skill + Use Skill Normal Attack Movement/Dodge
(Click) Guard
(Click) Zoom
(Up/Down) Weapon swap
(Left/Right) Item (Liquor) swap
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Normal attacks may be used with the button. Holding down the button will allow you to continue to attacking.
Landing atacks at the right distance according to your weapon will allow you to do more damage.

Landing normal attacks will also fill your SP gauge.
The SP Gauge is depleted by using powerful skills with the button.
Skill selection is done with the button and button.

Certain skills can locked onto enemies or allies by pressing the button.
Press the button to cancel lock-on targeting.
With the exception of wands and staves, pressing the button will allow you to guard atainst enemy attacks, reducing the damage they do.
Powerful enemy attacks cannot effectively be guarded against, making dodging a necessary skill to master.
Dodging is accomplished by moving the stick quickly and letting it go.

Use the stick to dodge or guard as neccessary, press the key to swich between weapons,
and use the and buttons to unleash a flurry of attacks and powerful skills!