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  1. Game controls

Game controls

Character Creation

Pick up Items
Target Disengage
Jump Use Items (Liquors) Lock-on Targeting Skill - Skill + Use Skill Normal Attack Movement/Dodge
(Click) Guard
(Click) Zoom
(Up/Down) Weapon swap
(Left/Right) Item (Liquor) swap
Help Menu Xbox Home Menu

Movement is accomplished with the thumbstick.
Pushing the thumbstick forward will move your character forward. Move it slightly to walk.
Moving the thumbstick quickly and then letting it go will allow you to perform a rolling dodge.
Move the stick to manipulate the camera. Clicking it will allow you to change the level of zoom.
Small obstacles may be cleared by jumping with the button.
Talking to an NPC can be accomplished by putting the cursor over them and pressing the button.
Pressing will allow you to skip through dialogue.

Menu Controls

Pressing the button will open the menu screen.
Manipulate the cursor with the key and stick. Press the button to select an item and press to cancel your selection.

Cursor Movement Key
Left Stick Stick
Confirm Button
Close Window Button
Skip Conversation Button
Close Menu Button