1. Ougi


About Ougi

Skills on a higher level than the norm.

Ougi Skills on a higher level than the norm.

Up to 2 Ougi Skills may be attached.
*No more than 1 Ougi Skill of the same grade may be attached.

Use an Ougi Skill Card to access Ougi Skills at any time.

Example Ougi

  • Sword

    Ougi Crimson Flame Blast Smash V
    Focus energy into your weapon, blasting out with 3 devastating explosions.
  • Odachi

    Ougi Shining Enma Slash IV
    Sweep away foes near you with a blast of Holy fighting spirit.
  • Twin Swords

    Ougi Fuujin's Circle Dance IV
    Lunge and simultaneously attack with wind for 3 consecutive hits.
  • Axe

    Ougi Asura's Spin IV
    Unleash your charged power to strike foes foolish enough to rush you.
  • Spear

    Ougi Spirit Blase IV
    Unleash all your power to clear away foes in a wide area around you.
  • Staff

    Ougi Heal Wave V
    Summons a holy light that restores HP to an area.
  • Wand

    Ougi Crimson Ray IV
    Centers searing sunlight on a target. The heat rises, creating a blast, dealing great damage to an area.
  • Bow

    Ougi Aerial Blitz IV
    Releases an explosion, and an arrow, hitting the target, and foes around you.