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Special Sites

Minamoto no Yorimitsu is here!

From 2/8/2019

All New Character, Minamoto no Yorimitsu! New Event Underway!

Kotonoha Event Special Website

From 1/11/2019

Onigiri x Kotonoha Sisters Collaboration Underway!

Tohoku Zunko Collab Website

From 12/4/2018

Onigiri x Tohoku Zunko Redux Collab Event Underway!

Bewitching Shocks and Bewildering Ice

From 10/26/2018

The Gargoyle Sisters Rumi and Elle are here!

Frigid Wolf Oguchi Makami

From 7/2/2018

Frigid Wolf "Oguchi Makami" is here!

Onigiri x Touhoku Zunko Collab Event

From 5/23/2018

Onigiri x Touhoku Zunko Collab Event Underway!

Shining Sakura Live -Kumaso Tour-

From 2/26/2018

Onigiri Valentine event held!Play as an Oni

Onigiri Happy New Year 2018!

From 1/12/2018

A new character, Maeda Toshiie, has appeared! A new year's event has also been released!

Onigiri Gratitude Gala

From 12/15/2017

We would like to invite you to the Gratitude Gala! Come and play!

Onigashima Halloween 2017


Trick or Treat! Lancelot is back with a cute new outfit!

summer update!

From 8/8/2017

Following our annual tradition, this year there will be another Summer Festival in Onigashima!

Main Story Quest Roar of a Vengeful Moon

From 6/30/2017

A mechanical maiden's fall from the moon? That could only mean...

Popularity Poll!

From 6/20/2017

We will be holding a poll containing a selection of 30 partner characters that can be found in game.


From 6/2/2017

New Character!Satan Summoning! Her Infernal Majesty is here!

New Knights From a Foreign Land Cometh!

From 5/19/2017

From a distant land across the oceans, the prosperous foreign soils of “Britain,” comes a Round Table Knight that serves the great King Arthur.

From the Cosmic Crux, 3 Sisters Emerge

From 4/7/2017

From the Cosmic Crux, the 3 Sisters Asuka, Chihiro, and Matoi have arrived!

Cute (!?) Prankster Amanojaku

From 3/7/2017

A michievious oni (Amanojaku) child who loves pranks and hides himself in Kyoto.Play as an Oni, and travel with your companions, set in the ancient myths of Japan, amongst monsters and legends. You must carve a path through destiny!

The Dragon of Echigo & The Tiger of Kai

From 1/17/2017

From the country of Echigo and clad in robes as white as the snow is the head of the Uesugi Clan, the “Dragon of Echigo”.From the country of Kai, covered in scarlet armor is the head of the Takeda Clan, the “Tiger of Kai”.Play as an Oni, and travel with your companions, set in the ancient myths of Japan, amongst monsters and legends. You must carve a path through destiny!

Master Swordsman Sasaki Kojirou!&Christmas Event

From 12/16/2016

Fuyutsuki-san and the gang are back for another fun-filled Christmas in Onigashima, but somehow… Something seems a little off this year.Play as an Oni, and travel with your companions, set in the ancient myths of Japan, amongst monsters and legends. You must carve a path through destiny!

Fuujin and Raijin, come forth!

From 12/16/2016

Descending from the violet heavens with the hooves of nobility, Fuujin and Raijin, come forth!

Knight of Sorrows! Take thy oath of absolute loyalty

From 11/22/2016

The knight of the Round Table who serves his majesty King Arthur has come come from a prosperous distant land across the oceans.The reason for her being swept away into Japan is full of mysteries, even she does not know why she is here.

Here she comes! Oda Nobunaga!

From 10/21/2016

Oda Nobunaga, the commander of Owari has dragged her subordinates to Onigashima.It seems she is in search of the legendary “Hexed Copper” in order to make wooden guns stronger than even the arquebus guns.

A Queen’s Triumphant Return!

From 4/15/2016

Himiko was chosen as a sacrifice to the Kamikui and was thought to be dead, but miraculously resurrected.

Wreathed in flame, an ally of insurrection runs rampant... Ifrit

From 8/16/2016

Introducing the new character partner “Ifrit” to Onigiri!

Summer Update

From 7/1/2016

The new outfits worn by Himiko and Musashi in the wallpaper are also available for purchase in the Shopping Plaza!

Asura, The Guardian of Justice

From 6/27/2016

Summoned to this world through our heroes’ “Divine Possession” technique, Asura is the deity clad in the flame of righteousness.

Brand new character, King Arthur!

From 4/1/2016

This ancient tale tells of one king (a crab) and his 12 knights (also crabs) unifying the lands of Britain under one righteous rule.

Divine Possession

From 3/17/2016

Deep in Miasma-poisoned depths of the Oushuu Highway, our heroes are saved by powerful new allies summoned through a mysterious hidden power....

The Second Coming

From 3/17/2016

What is the source of the malevolent echo throughout the highway...?

New Partner Character! Sarutobi Sasuke

From 10/27/2015

Sasuke is a proud member of Sanada Yukimura’s 10 Braves. Even though it may look like she’s a fresh faced kid without a worry in the world, her ninja skills are first class and her loyalty to her master Yukimura is absolute.

New story

From 9/8/2015

A train is finally coming to this empty station...

Happy New Year Event in Onigashima 2015!

From 12/26/2014

Two new strange cat creatures named "Takega" and "Fuku-ume" have come to Onigashima for New Year celebrations!


From 10/21/2014

My name is Yoruko, and as you might guessed, I’m a witch! Oh right, have you heard of this thing called "Hall-o-ween"? It’s a holiday filled with candy, youkai, witches and more!