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  2. Onigiri Derivative Works Guideline

Onigiri Derivative Works Guideline

The following guidelines, presented by CyberStep, outline the "Go ahead!" and "Please don't" of the materials we provide related to Onigiri. We ask everyone for the cooperation in abiding by the following guidelines.

The following guidelines for deriviative works apply to illustrations, manga/comics, novels, cosplay, animations, movies, game play footage, and goods, as well as any form of content not listed above. The materials referred to in the guidelines are for those published in relation to Onigiri, and those publicized on the internet, or anywhere else.

  1. (1)"Go ahead!" Guidelines

    1. (a) Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Activities Activities or content designed by individuals and groups for non-profit distribution.
    2. (b) Non-Profit Commercial Activities Activities done by individuals or groups for non-profit distribution, but with an allowance for recouping actual costs.
    1. ① If anything is unclear, use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us!
    2. ② If you require approval for licensing or displaying sculpted or modeled objects, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.
  2. (2)"No Good" Guidelines

    1. (a) Presenting yourself as the original creator of the works. Please always include a well marked notice that it is a deriviative work.(Attention)
    2. (b) Works designed to be offensive to common tastes, public order, or official institutions are prohibited.
    3. (c) Displaying works in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations.
    4. (d) Making works that contain game elements or are able to be used in other games.
    5. (e) Corporate usage or design of deriviative works.
    6. (f) Should you use resources provided by the company (Videos, images, voices, 3D models or any other formats),
      1. (i) those resources are to be used in manners consistent with their original formatting.
      2. (ii) Use of the resources for other purposes.
    7. (g) Usage in ways that CyberStep judges to be against the intent or proper usage of resources and deriviative works.

    (Attention) Please include the a statement similar to the following somewhere on pages that contain official logos, screenshots, artwork, etc:

    1. ① Example: "Onigiri is Copyright CyberStep, Inc. All Rights Reserved."
    2. ② Including "© CyberStep, Inc." on the work is allowable.
    3. ③ Should putting the disclaimer directly on the deriviative work prove difficult, it may be added in the explanation, provided it is clear and easy to see.
  3. (3)MikuMikuDance Model Data Usage Restrictions

    MikuMikuDance Exported Model Data should be used only for the following purposes.

    1. (a) Movie creation and streaming video
    2. (b) Reference for image creation
    3. (c) Printed images for announcements

These guidelines may be updated at any time. They will be posted here.

For any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact:cyberstep-rfd@cyberstep.com