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Dancing on Wings of Cosmic Balance

From 12/21/2023

Abe no Seimei Arrives!
Challenge the invaders from a parallel world!

10th Anniversary

From 11/21/2023

Celebrating10 Years! Thank you for your support!

9th Anniversary

From 12/23/2022

The Frozen Flower, Akechi Mitsuhide, Blooms!

8th Anniversary

From 11/24/2021

New Characters Honda Tadakatsu and Battle Maiden Shizuka Added!

New Knights From a Foreign Land Cometh!

From 01/26/2018

From a distant land across the oceans, the prosperous foreign soils of “Britain,” comes a Round Table Knight that serves the great King Arthur.

Introducing Gargoyle and Gagomi!

From 11/21/2017

Introducing Gargoyle and Gagomi!Play as an Oni, and travel with your companions, set in the ancient myths of Japan, amongst monsters and legends. You must carve a path through destiny!

Fuujin and Raijin, come forth!

From 08/29/2017

Descending from the violet heavens with the hooves of nobility, Fuujin and Raijin, come forth!

Divine Possession

From 08/14/2017

Deep in Miasma-poisoned depths of the Oushuu Highway, our heroes are saved by powerful new allies summoned through a mysterious hidden power....

The Second Coming

From 08/14/2017

What is the source of the malevolent echo throughout the highway...?

Knight of Sorrows! Take thy oath of absolute loyalty.LANCELOT

From 08/02/2017

The knight of the Round Table who serves his majesty King Arthur has come come from a prosperous distant land across the oceans.

New Partner Character!

From 07/18/2017

Sasuke is a proud member of Sanada Yukimura's 10 Braves. Even though it may look like she's a fresh faced kid without a worry in the world, her ninja skills are first class and her loyalty to her master Yukimura is absolute.

Here she comes! Oda Nobunaga!

From 07/12/2017

Introducing the all new Onigiri character, Oda Nobunaga!

Asura, The Guardian of Justice

From 03/06/2017

Summoned to this world through our heroes’ “Divine Possession” technique, Asura is the deity clad in the flame of righteousness.

A Queen's Triumphant Return!

From 10/21/2016

Himiko was chosen as a sacrifice to the Kamikui and was thought to be dead, but miraculously resurrected.

New Partner Character

From 05/25/2016

Introducing the all new partner character Miyamoto Musashi to Onigiri! Besides helping you on your adventures, she'll be introducing a new feature to the game.